How EUA Solutions works in practice

EUA Solutions uses a flexible methodology for thematic analyses, strategic studies and other services.

Reviews and audits are typically based on the following core elements, but can also be adapted to the needs of the specific assignment.

The EUA Solutions secretariat will coordinate the whole process, including working with you to ensure that the methodology meets your needs, supplying guidelines to you and the experts with a framework for the self-evaluation report and the site visit, briefing the experts to ensure a shared understanding of the expectations, and offering support in organisational and logistical matters.


We have a wide network of international higher education experts with knowledge and experience in the target area. Experts are selected for each assignment individually according to your needs and the topics to be covered.


EUA Solutions operates on a full costing and non-profit basis, whereby the assignment fee covers the cost of the assignment and the running costs of the EUA Solutions secretariat. The total fee of the assignment depends on your exact requirements and we would be happy to provide a quote based on an outline of the assignment. Please contact us for more information.